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Recruiting Crew Members

Short post, but if anyone is willing to help we could use an encoder (RAW Provider would be amazing) who can make 480p x264 mp4 hardsubs of our files as well as x264 MKV encodes from DVD source and a typesetter would be great. If you’re interested leave a comment below or reply to us on twitter @EconomyClassSub.



PASSPO’s Shaku Uma TV Episode 3

I have to eventually use an image of a PASSPO member, I guess.

I have to eventually use an image of a PASSPO member, I guess.

Nyaa H!O Mega HD Mega SD

Here is episode 3 and holy crap it’s been a long time. Sorry, people have been really busy with school and real life issues and stuff (not me because I don’t have a life.) Shaku Uma might be a bit slow still, but we’ll try to be pushing out other projects as well so we’ll see what happens.

About the patch, if you have the RAW that was posted on H!O then you can just grab the patch, toss that file in the same folder you put the patch stuff in, then just double click on “open this.bat” if you’re running Windows and it should create the subbed video for you. You do not need to grab the script if you’re using the patch, either.

Thanks to Anenc again for the SD.

Notes below>>

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Afilia Saga – Archism Member Introduction Video

I wonder who it could be?

I wonder who it could be?

Nyaa H!O Mega

Here is something that isn’t Shaku Uma. Sorry. Shaku Uma is being worked on, don’t worry. Our Shaku Uma timer is busy with real life issues, so if anyone wants to help out with that leave a comment or tweet at us. I am bad about checking the IRC channel because nobody else is ever there.

Don’t expect a bunch of Afilia Saga stuff or anything after this, this was just a spur of the moment idea.

Some notes below


PASSPO’s Shaku Uma TV Episode 2

Shaku Uma TV Episode 2 Release Image

Nyaa H!O Mega SD Mega HD
v2 Patch

Quick release before I go to sleep. Here is episode two. Hopefully we’ll be faster with the next episode, we were delayed by Mero going out of town for a few days and then me messing around with fonts. Rest of the links should be up some time tomorrow. SD encode thanks to Anenc.

Edit: Messing around with fonts sure is helpful when I actually forget to mux them into the MKV! I’m just going to toss a font pack here with the non-standard fonts because I’m an idiot and you can install them if you want. The only non-standard fonts I used were for the opening anyways, so it’s not really important. I’ll remember to pack them in next episode. If you just grab the script and watch the RAW you’ll probably want to grab the fonts, anyways.

Edit Two: Patch added, just toss the subbed episode in and double click on the bat file. Nothing is changed other than including fonts. If you grab SD you obviously don’t need the patch and the Mega HD link is the v2 so you shouldn’t need anything for that either.

Minor note after the cut >>


PASSPO’s Shaku Uma TV Episode 1

Yep, that's the title

Nyaa HD Nyaa SD H!O Mega HD DDL Mega SD DDL

The script should be timed to the MP4 RAW uploaded to H!O, so thanks whoever you are for uploading it.

So here it is, the first episode of Shaku Uma TV. I don’t have much to say other than what is in the “About” post so enjoy. The site is going to be super ugly like this until one of us devotes the time to do something about it, sorry. I also made it super dark because it was bright as heck and hurt my eyes. Also, linking directly to dropbox for the script for now because DDL sites are all horrible. Mediafire link added and site design much improved by Mero.

Episode notes and more after the cut >>

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Attention, please!

We’re a ragtag group of people who decided we wanted to try subbing PASSPO’s Shaku Uma TV. Our translator, mero, mentioned how she wanted to translate it so I (FZed) volunteered to help. I didn’t want to do everything else myself so I looked for a timer and Jon decided to help. That’s the entire story. We’re going to mostly be working on Shaku Uma TV, but we might do other idol related (mostly PASSPO) stuff here and there as well.